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Gentlemania is treading lightly, brethren! Join me, "Gentleman" Jervis Cottonbelly on my adventures in the world of Professional Wrestling!


CHIKARA these days has been more than a little emotionally depressing. There’s just been so much death and destruction. The human psyche can only take so much, and the stress is starting to show. Someone marched out of the Facebook group Saturday night after choosing to air their displeasure in a very public way, and there are very likely quite a few other people taking a break.

That’s pretty much why I’m posting up this video. We all need a little happiness in this dark time. This makes me smile and brings a little tear to my eye…and the end makes me laugh very hard. I’m rather fond of Oleg, even though he beheaded Dragon Dragon. (I know, I know…)

Get well soon, jerviscottonbelly! We’re all missing your sunny enthusiasm!

"If we all light up we can scare away the dark."


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"There is no shame in holding on to grief, as long as you make room for other things."

oh my god I love these two!

This is easily my new favorite on-screen tandem. #RocketandGroot


oh my god I love these two!

This is easily my new favorite on-screen tandem. #RocketandGroot

Look how lovely this crochet design by Redditor u/Local_Shop turned out!
Showdown with the French clown!
☺️ This reminds me of my mate @latvianproudoak as a little sapling.
I will never forget @EstonianTFrog. He and I have spent countless hours traveling together, sharing our hopes and dreams, discussing European politics, speaking of our great loves and losses. He truly was my best friend.

To do anything less than carry on, than to smile bright and live life to the fullest, unapologetically would be a disservice to The Thunderfrog. 

He came to us in the name of peace. He left us whilst trying to preserve that peace. Whilst trying to protect us. May his bravery live on throughout the ages. 

Always remember and never forget, Jervis Cottonbelly still loves you. Until we meet again in Valhalla, my friend. 


Jervis Cottonbelly
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